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A retro-future exploration of the capitalist hellscape we all currently live in, filled with the hopes of the people that inhabit that world and the love that keeps them going despite all odds against them.

Plato is a former wrestler, shamed out of his profession after a terrible accident that haunts him and keeps him from being able to build a future for himself.

Ace is an amnesiac that prefers to not know about his past and instead clings to the mysteries of the ghosts that hide in alleyways and abandoned subways.

They find strength in each other, and as the story unfolds a wide cast of characters reveals the truth hiding in the darkness. Every day is a struggle to maintain control over what they can, a struggle to control the fragile every day of their daily lives, to control their anger and sadness without hurting themselves and the people they love.

This is a story about the revolutionary lives of everyday people: the clerks, the waitresses, the office workers, the artists, the sex workers… and how it is all of us together that is real power.

This is the story I’ve been working on for over a decade and hope to share with those that might need a bit of hope.

mail: cjjoughin (at) gmail (dot) com